LG Chairman Faces Impeachment Over N150 Million Loan

Councilors worked diligently to serve the Chairman with an impeachment notice, but claimed to have refused to accept the impeachment notification.
Hon. Kassa D. Shallom, Chairman Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa State

Nine (9) out of ten (10) councilors in Guyuk Local Government Area of Adamawa state have invited the LGA's Executive Chairman, Hon. Kassa D. Shallom, to come before them on May 24, 2021, for questioning over seven-count allegations leveled against him or face impeachment.

During the week, Councilors worked diligently to serve the Chairman with an impeachment notice but claimed to have refused to accept the notification despite confronting him face to face.

According to local media, It took the intervention of a shareholder and a renowned LGA politician, who appealed with the dissatisfied Councillors not to sack him and pledged to compel the embattled Chairman to appear before them and answer all of the claims leveled against him.

The councilors were alleged to have started the impeachment process against Hon. Kassa, also known as Chajawa, accusing him of misusing his office, misappropriating funds, and illegally collecting a loan worth $150 million, among other things.

The battle line has already been established, according to a councilor who spoke to newsmen, and nothing will stop them from removing the chairman from office because they have the majority of councilors.

Hon. Linus Chilge, Chief Whip, and Councillor for Purakayo Ward in Guyuk said that they had served him the impeachment notice and that Hon. Chajawa had agreed to appear before them on the 24th of this month to defend himself.

The Councilors have scheduled a meeting for Monday, May 17th, 2021, during which they will further discuss the burning problem, according to Hon. Chilge.

When asked for a comment, the LGA Chairman, Hon. Kassa Shallom said he was unaware of any attempt to sack him and that no one had ever approached him with an impeachment notice.

Hon. Kassa said that nothing had happened to him or his counsel and that Guyuk LGC should not be drawn into any controversy. He did, however, warn journalists who would publish the report with fire and brimstone.