Making Your "Friends With Benefits" Entanglement Successful

The moment you come across your partner falling, get out of the arrangement.
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A relationship or circumstance referred to "friends with benefits" (FWB) is ideal for someone who wants to have sex on a regular basis but who doesn't want the commitment of a committed partnership.

Research has shown that friends with advantage relationships can thrive with good communication and boundaries, but they end with tears almost inevitably. Here are seven tips and ground rules that will help your friends-with-benefits circumstances last longer and end well.

1. Talk about everything

Great communication is the only way, no matter how trivial, to establish some sort of connection. Friends with relationships with benefits need clear and meaningful contact between the two parties. You and your partner need to talk about what you really want from the relationship. You should be addressing expectations, how and when the relationship ends, and setting ground rules that are unique to your situation.

2. Make sure you can handle the emotional drama that comes with this type of relationships:

You must brace yourself for any emotional surprises that can come along the way. Don't start an agreement of friends-with-benefits with someone who you want something with. The belief that you should make him / her fall in love with you when you start having sex will hurt you and it's all your fault.

3. Be honest about your sex lives

You shouldn't have to fear telling your partner about their sexual wellbeing. Both you should determine what form of sexual activity is appropriate. You can also choose whether you are allowed to see other people, or whether you are exclusive. Dishonesty is going to ruin your relationship and your friendship.

4. Respect each other’s boundaries

When setting limits for each other, hang on to them and don't expect more. Don't show your buddy to your parents or attend weddings together with a benefit partner. Generally speaking, avoid behaviors that people have in conventional relationships, and uphold the limits you set for yourself.a

5. Prioritize your friendship over the benefits

If you were really friends before you started having sex, then you have to work to keep the relationship intact, irrespective of how things turn out in your arrangement. Try to retain the kind of relationship that you had as friends before you came into the arrangement. Giving up your friendship to retain just the romantic aspect of your relationship will leave someone who feels exploited.

6. Have fun exploring safely

The point of such agreement is to be sexually experimenting in a safe room. But you do have to use protection if you have sex. Having said that, make the most of your situation (if you have one) and try every style and/or hobby that you have without fear of judgment. An agreement with the FWB isn't the place to fake an orgasm. Communicate your personal desires, and make sure all of your keys are ticking.

7. Stop sex immediately if the way you feel about the arrangement or your partner changes:

Stop the FWB agreement as soon as the feelings start to catch. Don't linger, in the hope your friend will feel the same way as well. The moment you come across your partner falling, get out of the arrangement. If you are going to be together, then you can find your way back to each other.

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