Man Proposes To His Girlfriend But Gets The Shock Of His Life (Video)

A man has been left totally embarrassed after being rejected by his girlfriend in public.
The woman left the man embarrassed after the incident

A woman has given her man a lifetime's embarrassment after publicly refusing his marriage proposal.

A video showed the moment the man bent his knee to offer to take the ring and throw it away in rejection only for the woman.

The site of the proposal seems to have been a park filled with people who were there for what seemed like an exhibition, and that made the experience of the gentlemen more saddening.

The man had given a flower and the wedding ring to the lady only to see her thrown away.

Significant cheers from bystanders who were both pleased and expectant that the moment would end happily cheered the gesture on.

To everyone's shock, the woman, who initially created a welcoming attitude, took the ring on her finger and then threw it away.

She vacated the position without saying a word. Various spectators filmed the whole moment on their cameras.

See the video below:

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