Kemi’s case is simply misappropriation of duties. She erred in using the house rent and children’s school fees to sow a seed for financial breakthrough for the family. But where her story is fascinating is she claims it had happened earlier before where she sowed a seed with the husband’s vehicle and within a month the husband got his current lucrative job.

The husband’s job would be rounding up in a month and she wanted to sow a seed to renew the job for the husband.

Today’s story necessitated our reaction from the husband who we called on his number which was made available by Kemi.

Yusuf had is own interesting story to tell as well.

For Yusuf, the breakthrough and even come two months earlier and he was about to tell the wife when he heard she had used the house rent and children’s school fees to sow a seed in the church.

Hear both side of the parties and lets amicably resolve their differences.

Hi Osigwe, My name is Kemi and my husband’s name is Yusuf. My husband has abandoned me and my children and says he does not want anything to do with me again. I have pleaded with him to the extent that my father had to take a family delegation to my husband in a hotel where he has moved into claiming it’s his new home.

My husband is mad that the last school fees for the kids and the house I rent I used it to sow a seed in the church. My husband will never go to church but will always expect God to bless him. Since I noticed my husband does not respect God I took it as a duty upon myself to serve God on his behalf. Nine years ago when my husband was broke and running from pillar to post to make ends meet, it was me who was instrumental to his springing up.

I was always fasting on his behalf and giving him 500 naira every day to assist in fueling his car for his job hunting.

So there was this day my pastor said I should sow a seed for a breakthrough within 30 days. I told him I had no money and the only thing we had was my husband’s car.

He said God would accept the car, so I went home took the car keys and drove back to the church. My husband was asleep inside the bedroom when this occurred.

When I came back I told him I had used the car to sow a seed for his progress. He was mad at me but could do nothing. The car was gifted to us as a wedding gift by my dad.

After I sowed that seed my husband was given a job in a good IT company with an official car and allowances to follow. Life practically changed for us overnight.

Now he has left just because I used the house rent of 2.5 million and the children’s school fees that are less than a million to sew seed. His job would be terminated in a month’s time and I have been fasting and praying for him. After 7 days fast the prophet directed me to sow a great seed. I have told him to be patient that in a month he would be shocked. Instead, he ran away never to come back, saying he wants out from the marriage.

Please tell him to come back.

Thanks, Kemi.

Kemi has spoken as a dutiful wife who watches the husband’s back.

Well, we called Yusuf and he told us his own story.

Hear him

My wife is been economical with the truth. We have been married for over 9 years and this is not the first time this is occurring.

The first instance she gave out the only car we got as a wedding gift as a seed. A brand new corolla gifted by her father, I overlooked it because of the source.

Now she feels her sacrifice and prayers gave me my present work. This is not so, my wife is a spoilt woman who refuses to work and always believes serving God will bring the money.

Now I had a breakthrough two months ago as a competitor company offered me the job of the country chief executive. Because of the nature of the job I had to keep it away from my wife who is a parrot. I never wanted this to get to the knowledge of my present company so I can disengage with them peacefully.

I have bought a house at Lekki and even made arrangement to relocate my family to Canada before this her fear of my sack made her take this same useless decision again.

How long do you want me to keep bearing this from a wife who uses anything around her to sow a seed once she perceives failure? See am tired and want to face my new work with the right energy. Please tell Kemi I am no longer interested in the marriage. As we speak I have cancelled the relocation process, Let her learn from the hard way. When she has nothing else to sow as a seed maybe she would sow herself.

That was how Yusuf ended the conversation.

How can we resolve their issues amicably, drop your comments and don’t forget to follow our channels.

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