N17b Loan: Ardo To File A Case Against Adamawa Assembly for Circumventing Due Process

I will file a lawsuit against the Adamawa State House of Assembly for circumventing the due process of law in processing the loan request for N17b by the state Governor” Ardo vowed
Dr Umar Ardo, PhD

A senior stakeholder of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State, Dr Umar Ardo has lambasted Adamawa State House of Assembly leadership for circumventing the due process of law in the handling of the State Government's loan application for 17 billion Naira.

Ardo said that the proposal was submitted and read on Tuesday at the House floor, that it had been properly referred to the House Committee on Appropriation and Budget for proper deliberation and that it had been given two weeks to submit its report, but unexpectedly, in less than 24 hours,
the so-called House Committee returned its so-called report recommending the approval of the loan. And the House sad in a plenary and approved the loan.”

“The entire process – from submission and reading of the request to referring the matter to the Committee, to the deliberation of the Committee, to the writing and submission of its report, to the plenary sitting and approval of the loan request – is all within 24hrs.

“I will file a lawsuit against the Adamawa State House of Assembly for circumventing the due process of law in processing the loan request for N17b by the state Governor.” He vowed

Ardo in strong terms questioned :
"Is this a joke? Are we actually serious as a people? Where on earth can this happen? Why are Adamawa people being taken for granted? What kind of government are we running in the state? What kind of representations do the people of Adamawa have?

“I cannot stop asking questions! Just because some people want to continue doing what they are known for – misappropriating and embezzling public funds – all sorts of rubbish is being heaped on the poor people of this state.

“We must not allow this destruction of our people’s future in the name of governance to stand. To this end, therefore, I am instituting forthwith a suit against the Adamawa State House of Assembly and joining the state government and the creditor banks as due process was not adhered to in processing the legislative requirements for this loan.” Ardo said

The House Image Maker 's response, Hon Japheth Kefas, has described Ardo as a human-free man.

According to him, the current state security and health challenges have already placed everybody in Adamawa in a state of emergency and there is a serious need for government intervention.

He said the House order is giving the Lawmaker a go ahead and allowing them to accept a loan in an emergency.

The lawmaker representing Gombi electoral district Said People are starving to death, kidnappers are revamping the entire state and the health system needs significant rehabilitation, the loan is what gives people a sense of relief.

Kefas said it was necessary to approve the loan because of the Government's good intention to use the loan for the benefit of citizens in the state.

He called on Ardo to dwell in Constructive Criticism because it is one of the norms of democracy but pure antagonism is in a situation when it's done in folly.

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