Namdas is one of our dependable contestants - Adamawa APC Chairman

Namdas is a man with the requisite experience to lead the state well. His experience placed him in good stead to understand the intrigues of power and politics.
Honourable Abdulrazak S. Namdas officially informed the party leadership including the 21 LG chairmen and state exco of the party of his intention to vie for the office of the governor

Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal, the interim chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, said yesterday that Abdulrazaq Namdas, the member representing Ganye, Jada, M/Belwa, and Toungo federal constituency is one of the greatest and most trustworthy candidates vying to lead the state in the 2023 general elections.

Bilal made the revelation shortly after Namdas officially informed the party leadership, including the 21 LG chairmen and state exco of the party, of his decision to run for governor. He highlighted that Namdas is one of the many prospective governors in the state with the power to force the incumbent out.

“We are looking for who among our aspirants with the gusto to push the incumbent governor out of power, and you’re one of them,” Bilal noted.

The chairman also praised Namdas for his outstanding performance in the National Legislature, stating that all APC representatives in the assembly is making significant contributions to the state's development.

Bilal asked the party faithful to put aside prejudices and other biases in order to enable the emergence of credible individuals for the greater good of all. He also asked the party faithful to avoid unnecessary arguing and mudslinging, claiming that such inclinations were to blame for the party's defeat in 2019.

He also praised Namdas for holding broad talks with members of the party, stating that this will help people grasp his vision and objective for the state

Abdurrahman Shiaibu, a former member of the House of Representatives, who introduced Namdas to the state and LG party leadership said Namdas had what it takes to manage the state properly.

"He is a man with the requisite experience to lead the state well. We all know he was a one-time state secretary of NUJ and also chief press secretary to Boni Haruna for eight years. Such experience placed him in good stead to understand the intrigues of power and politics.

"He also served as DG Atiku support group and served as Reps spokesperson during his first stint as reps member and now the chairman house committee on army.

"Let us remove sentiments and vote the right candidate. We know everyone aspiring to contest the election and we know the best.

"If you vote the one who is development-oriented, all of us will benefit. But if you put a selfish leader, all of us are going to perish together.

"Compare Namdas with others then select the best. I’m sure of his electability and popularity,” Shuaibu said.

Also vouching for Namdas’ ambition, a former gubernatorial candidate of ACN, Markus Gundiri said Namdas is humble, experienced, and will serve the state well.

”We made mistakes in the previous election and elect people who are not even fit to serve as chairmen of local governments.

"Sometimes outsiders do ask me what is wrong with us that makes us always choose the wrong governors considering our intellectual resourcefulness. We have an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past,” Gundiri said.

Namdas stated that his main aim is to get the state out of the woods while explaining the reasons behind his goal.

He said that nothing meaningful was accomplished during the PDP's last two years in power and that if elected, he had the skills, will, and connections to turn the state's fortunes around.

“It is true that I’m aspiring to govern the state to right the wrongs of the past and put our state on the path of probity and recovery.

”That is why I call this meeting to humbly tell all the party stakeholders my intention. I’m not a lazy man and you can always count on me.

“Let us conduct all our affairs in a fair and just manner so that when I lost, I know I lost fairly and will support the person who won.

”I have in the past conceded victory to my opponent due to the fair play exhibited and such gesture generated a lot of goodwill for me in future elections. So let us be upright and spirited in our conduct,” he said.