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NEED HELP: Is This A Reason To End Your Relationship With Him?

Will it appear as though I'm breaking up a Relationship with a guy for financial reasons?
Is This A Reason To End Your Relationship With Him (Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels)

RELATIONSHIP - My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half and had planned to marry next year. I've always been good, faithful, and peaceful to him.

My boyfriend is quite wealthy, but I am the type of woman who enjoys being self-sufficient, so I have never asked him for money. He sends me money whenever he wants, but I never ask. He sends at least 30k every now and then.

My ATM card was stolen a few months back, and my bank account was depleted. Unfortunately, it took my brother's and my school tuition with it. I didn't tell my boyfriend about it. I worked hard to save money and pay my brother's tuition without asking him for anything. I was unable to save enough money to pay for my school fees, so I had to open up to him a week before my exams since I needed $150,000.

He said he'd help, but it's been four weeks and he still hasn't sent me anything. I was fortunate enough to write the exam without having to pay for it, but I am unable to attend my six-week TP since I have yet to register for it, which will automatically result in a spillover for me if I do not register.

This person did not contact or pick up my calls throughout the exam period to ask if I was able to write the exam. He later apologized and called me. He explained that he was only putting me to the test to see how I would react if he didn't give me the money. I realize it's a lame explanation, but I let him off the hook. When I told him about my TP predicament, he agreed to provide it, but he has yet to do so, and he is not returning my calls.I grieved and accepted my fate of having a spill over, despite the fact that it is painful and would cost me money. I'm not sure I'll ever forgive him for that.

I want to end our relationship because I don't believe I can marry someone who can assist me meet my needs but refuses to do so. This is the first time I've asked him for money for something significant, yet he refuses to help me. Is it possible for me to believe he actually loves me?

He recently celebrated his birthday and spent a lot of money on it. I'm not sure if I should call him selfish or not because he occasionally sends me money. My feelings for him are dwindling. For the past four weeks, I've been pleading, but nothing has been done. I have nothing to lose if I leave him because I have kept my body holy and am a very serene and caring person whom he knows well.

Will it appear as though I'm breaking up with a guy for financial reasons? Will I make the proper decision?

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