NERC Hammers DISCOs Over Deliberate Power Outages

"This is a violation of the Grid Code and Reporting Compliance Regulations," NERC said
Electric Power Plant

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has urged the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) to separate some 33 kilovolts (kV) feeders to restrict energy loads and thereby deny electricity service customers.

The July 2020 NERC monitoring reports obtained by Daily Trust from NERC showed that 159 units of 132/33kV substations which interface between the Nigerian Transmission Company (TCN) and the 11 DisCos were monitored.

The substations have 33kV feeders with 816 workings. These feeders either connect to the injection substations of DisCos or feed customers directly at 33/0.400kV.

In its verdict, NERC cautioned the DisCos

"Against deliberate isolation of some section of 33kV feeders to limit the loading of the feeders and denying customers of electricity services."

It also warned them,
"Stop the deliberate refusal to clear faults on some 33kV feeders within the eight hours timeline stipulated in the Reporting Compliance Regulation."

NERC has also directed DisCos to recognize where capability constraints exist and to ask TCN to prioritize these in its short-term projects.

It also advised the DisCos to improve the clearing of vegetation particularly during this rainy season in order to improve the feeders' reliability.

Specifically, Enugu DisCo was directed to improve both the availability and the loading of the feeders it monitors. Also, NERC asked Port Harcourt DisCo to explain why all feeders endured prolonged outages.

For TCN, the regulator said it failed to report a major incident that resulted in a restriction of Apapa Road's power supply at Lagos. "This is a violation of the Grid Code and Reporting Compliance Regulations,"  NERC said in the paper.

The power sector regulator records a breakdown from 7 to 26 July, showing that there were feeders around the DisCos that were absolutely weak in supplying electricity to customers across the vicinity.

An example was Port Harcourt DisCo, where NERC report said the availability and loading on the feeders being monitored remained low.

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