Nigeria Loses N72 Billion Revenue Generated By Immigration to Foreign Partners

For e-pass, the NIS, generated N1,426,566,000.00 in 2018; N1,731,048,700,00 in 2019, and N763,249,300,00 in 2020.
Members of the House of Representatives during plenary

Yesterday the House of Representatives Committee on Finance alleged that the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is losing N72 billion of more than N80 billion generated from the issuance of international passports and other services to foreign and other technical partners of the Service.

Throughout the interactive session of the Committee on the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) 2021-2023 and the Fiscal Strategy Paper (FSP), the NIS Comptroller General, Mohammed Babandede, submitted to the Committee a summary of the Service 's revenue.

He said his agency produced N14, 772.051billion from international passports in 2018, N16, 777, 643, 537billion in 2019, and N5, 714, 780, 005 billion in 2020.

N12,181,069,761.69 billion went to Iris Smart Technologies from the revenue produced from the passports in 2018; N10,327,818,235.21 billion went to Iris in 2019, while N3,508,830,380.61 billion went to the company in 2020.

He said the NIS produced 126.136.960 million in 2018 from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)/AA; N110.316, 892 million in 2019, and N38.372.820 million in 2020.

From the revenue generated from ECOWAS/AA, he said a technical partner, New Works Solution Limited, got N1,376,352,413.59billion in 2018; N1,573,354,911.58billion, while in 2020, N378,833,730.40 million went to them.

On Address Verification, he said the agency generated N2,075,066,728 in 2018; N2,715,888,307,50 billion in 2019, and N561,839,700 million in 2020.

On the revenue generated from Address Verification, a technical partner, National E-government, got N302,069,664.39 million in 2018; N276,688,519,22 million in 2019, and N82,210,586.84 in 2020.

For the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC), he said the Service generated N20,358,233,000 billion in 2018; N40,786,437,950 billion in 2019, and N16,705,512,250 billion in 2020.

On the money generated through CERPAC, FMI collected N236,323, 494.00 million in 2018; N2,056,632,384.50 million in 2019, and N8442,909,515.50 in 2020.

For e-pass, the NIS, generated N1,426,566,000.00 in 2018; N1,731,048,700,00 in 2019, and N763,249,300,00 in 2020.

From the revenue generated by NIS, through e-pass, IPTELCOM gulped NN2,442,484,334.50 billion in 2018; N3,343,331,440,33 billion in 2019, and N1,436,169,951.50 billion in 2020, while Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Sub-Treasurer and IPTELCOM took over N4billion from a remainder of the N68 billion generated for the years of 2018 to 2020 from e-pass and other services.

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