Nigerians owe N273.42bn electricity debt in 2020

sales deficit of N273.42 billion in 2020, compared to N230.96 billion in 2019
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According to data from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission's financial report, customers in the country increased their debt to electricity distribution companies (DisCos) by 18.38 percent in 2020.

Just N542.73 billion of the N816.15 billion electricity bill provided to customers by the 11 Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) in 2020 was charged, according to a study obtained by Ripples Nigeria.

This equates to a sales deficit of N273.42 billion in 2020, compared to N230.96 billion in 2019.

Despite the shortfall, DisCos will receive N487.2 billion in 2020, a rise of 11.38 percent from the N487.2 billion charged in 2019.

Ikeja Disco owed N133 billion in energy but only received N105.23 billion in 2020, according to the debt breakdown.

Yola Disco, which had the lowest revenue of N10.74 billion, distributed only N18.72 billion in electricity bills to its customers.

Just N82.6 billion was returned from Abuja Disco's N92.97 billion electricity bill to its customers.

Benin and Eko have received N45.66 billion and N84.66 billion in sales, respectively, but provided N85.97 billion and 107.67 billion in electricity bills to customers.

The distribution companies in Enugu, Ibadan, and Jos received N47.83 billion, N61.8 billion, and N17.44 billion from their customers, respectively. However, the DisCos released electricity bills worth N74.64 billion, N101.60 billion, and N30.60 billion.

Consumers in Kaduna, Kano, and Port Harcourt were given 57.14 billion, 52.57 billion, and 61.79 billion in electricity, respectively, but only N21.53 billion, N33.84 billion, and N31.39 billion were billed.

Electricity distribution companies have continued to warn that unless anything is done about the debt owed to them, the business could fail.