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No More Free Condoms!

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

The first gift I ever got from the government was two packs of gold circle condoms. I was only 18 years old then and had just reported on the university campus for my first degree in physics at the federal university of agriculture Makurdi.

This valuable gift as I would come to appreciate it was as useless to me as a remote without battery at the time I received it. I had not known it uses and would not be putting it to use in the following years to come. (You know I was a small boy.)

This has been the practice for welcoming new students on Nigerian campuses. The government through her implementation partners would sponsor a team of trained medical personnel who goes around the campuses and communities educating members of the perils of unprotected sex.

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They’d give out free condoms to males and other resource materials demonstrating the use of the condoms on male objects to prevent STDs and unintended pregnancies.

This project has been ongoing for quite some time now with support from the international community and donor agencies. The government also spends billions annually funding this HIV awareness and prevention program.

It is a commendable project, considering the people who could not control themselves but engage in unprotected sex. This has claimed so many lives and rendered many despicable in society today.

Sex, on the other hand, is a choice. It’s a decision two consenting adults make to satisfy their human and biological desires. These adults have a choice which they can decide otherwise, to abstain from sexual intercourse until they’re married to enjoy its natural sweetness.

Contrary to sex, menstruation on her part is not a choice but a biology obligation for every young lady who’s within the eligibility age bracket. It’s an involuntary exercise and there’s no control or prevention over it.

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Today, millions of young girls out there are in dire need of sanitary pads more than the boys are in need of condoms but unfortunately, these girls cannot afford it.

They need these pads monthly to stay healthy to study in school but that’s not the same case for boys. The boys can stay without the condoms for years

Written by: Victor Hilenen Aben

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