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Dr. John Ngamsa

By Dr. John Ngamsa

I followed this issue clearly and I am sure the DSS didn't, and won't release the transcript of their interview with Dr Malafia. On this, except they declassify, we won't believe that he didn't give them credible intelligence. The DSS and the government at this juncture should close the door of conspiracy theories on Boko Haram even now. That is clearly needed. I assure you it is not our interest to refuse any knowledge that will help us solve this security problem. Dr Malafia like others who truly know and are direct victims of the insurgency will tell you more.

Back to DSS... If they classified Malafia's information as 'market place driven intelligence', where is their own cogent finding? CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and God Himself reveals to men the best way to go.  I believe in the security of all lives and property. I also know beyond this banters on Facebook the best way to solve this BH problem. I assure you that the best ways are through open-source intelligence... From the ordinary farmers, hunters, fishermen, herdsmen, market women and even roadside mechanics. My friend, it is 10 years of BH, can you sincerely say Nigeria is solving the challenge????

Please, sir, I am sorry to tell you that I have learnt even from madmen telling the truth than some from some clerics and lying professors in this country. Sorry to tell you also that nations if serious at all are free to consult not only God but even the devil to solve their problems.

Why are we blaming America for refusing to sell arms to us... We call them devil...and still remain where we are. Look at Chad that cleared the BH haven...have they not done the right for once? Why can't we? My brother, Malafia could be "sick" as some people think, I, however, assure you that all our security agencies are to blame for this collective failure. Don't forget that all security challenges have both conventional and non-conventional solutions.  DSs by law should engage all to get it right.

Don't forget too that information is the first draft of intelligence... The final draft is the strategy or at the best solution selling point. If there is any strategy in Malafia's case is the one to make citizens fear to talk about BH. I assure you that there are more credible sources both sincere and genuine than the whole steps being taken by the Nigerian government on Boko Haram.

You see, I am a native of my locality where nothing goes without my knowledge though not my doing. If we can only use our sincerity of purpose to solve this BH problem, it will be better than accusing and blaming football fans instead of taking away the small inflated rubber that keeps them in frenzy.

My friend I am not 'a big man' in this country but being close to 60 years, I can tell you by a mere look at seeds... "Which one will grow and which will not". This step by DSS could be right but the public debates and social media words bantering is not.

Finally, I really don't know you in person or even your write-ups. I, however, enjoyed your statement that says, 'lying against evil is not honourable'. I must confess too that evil is evil and you can't constitute good out of evil. If by your take Dr "Malafia baa lafia" ... I take exception to also say that "some of those"  that placard Dr Malafia as bad, do so for some parochial reasons...some are paid while others are mere supporters of Shakau. If you go to beer parlours, market places, establishment clubs or sincerely talk with people, you will understand Dr Malafia to some extent.

Dr John Ngamsa
Lecturer at Midibbo Adama University of Technology, MAUTECH Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

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