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Paris Kinsey says growing up music and comedy were always the constant in his life

Paris Kinsey

Paris Kinsey aka ‘Brother Of Color’ grew up listening to the likes of Run DMC, N.W.A, 2pac, Michael Jackson, Biggie, Jay Z and a few more.

He told our reporter that his moniker “Brother Of Color” was given to him by his fans during his early days of social media comedy and skits. “As a kid I was often taunted and teased for trying to do comedy and make people laugh. So I promised myself that one day I would turn things around and make it my identifying factor. 

“Growing up, music and comedy were always the constants in my life. The likes of Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock were people I looked up to, but everything changed after listening to 50cents album ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. 

Over the years I have done a lot of skits and videos that went viral on social media, but my main goal had always been to one day use my social media presence to pursue a musical career and promote my music. 

“I am currently preparing to put out my first collective body of work. It hasn’t been easy getting attention and notice on social media but I believe in moving slowly and steadily instead of rushing and failing,”

“The EP I am working on is a culmination of my life experiences, how people have looked down on me and pushed me aside. It will showcase my talents and detail my struggles as a budding independent artiste”.

Paris says people find it funny and often laugh at him when he tells them he is about to drop an EP, 
Distractions and social media pressure will test anyone’s resolve, it takes determination and commitment to become successful in any career and more so as an upcoming artist,” Kinsey added.

Paris presently resides in San Diego, California. He is a rapper, songwriter, influencer and philanthropist. His debut EP is scheduled for release late summer 2022. It is time for the music world to witness the life and rise of Paris Kinsey, Instagram comedian turned musician.

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