PDP Chairman vows to drag LG Boss to EFCC Over Management Finances In Adamawa

...tongue-lashed argument between the PDP chairman in the state, Barr A T Shehu, and his Ganye Local Government Council Chairman, Rev Habila Istifanus.
Ganye Local Government Area's Chairman (Left) and Adamawa State PDP Chairman (Right)

The ruling party's chairman in Adamawa State, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and  Local Government officials in Adamawa state who are under the leadership of state Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been embroiled in another audio scandal.

The audios leaked out and availed to newsmen has tongue-lashed argument between the PDP chairman in the state, Barr A T Shehu, and his Ganye Local Government Council Chairman, Rev Habila Istifanus.

The verified audios which were recorded in Hausa, audibly heard the duo officials cast aspersions, gnawed gums to one another, and threatened to show up their true colors at each one over issues of divergence political interests.

The two audios revealed how the PDP party members are furious and vowed to maintain their positions to fight, not damning the consequences, implications, or sheath swords for any reason

The first audio reveals how the PDP chairman, A. T. Shehu; the first caller fumed and vowed to take the LGA Chairman to EFCC, because he is in position of all his (LGA Chairman's) government Secrete deals being an indigene of Ganye and a counselor.

Shehu’s conversation with Habila translated and transcribed in English by our reporter quoted him saying this:

“Can you go to a corner and give me your two minutes? Pastor, I want if the Governor is back (referring to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri) I want you to quote me, this I will repeat to the Governor in his presence whenever we meet. I swear to Almighty God in as much I’m an indigene of Ganye, I will write to EFCC, ICPC all the happenings in our Local Government appends my name because I’m not afraid of anyone.

”I know all the income coming into the local government, quote me in the presence of the Governor and tell him I said so let him call me. I swear you will account for all your dealings. I don’t fight but is like you are pushing me to do that. I know my right, even the Governor will not stop me from writing to EFCC. I have never look for your trouble, I have never ask you of a dime or a Kobo. Since you want it this way, I will write to EFCC with my Chamber’s letter headed paper and I will go and defend it.

Habila interrupted, 
what happened, Sir? I’m sorry, please.

Shehu vowed that: 
"I swear I’m writing all your shoddy deals to EFCC I want to you discuss this with the Governor and I will tell him the same into his face because I’m not afraid of anyone.

“Be informed that I’m not a stranger in Ganye, my fore-parents are all from Ganye and no one will tell me much about Ganye, it’s my home town. Go and find out I’m a very blunt person, I’m not mischievous in my life. What will it benefit you that you sacked Shuaibu and Jafaru?

"I know all the allocation coming into Ganye, I’m from there and I must know everything, tell the Governor to call me I will certainly tell him I will take you to EFCC how you have been managing the resources of our local government. These young guys have suffered, Shuaibu was Governor Fintiri’s coordinator while Jafaru suffered during your campaign to the extent of losing his car.

“Because we decided to be quiet doesn’t mean we are fools. I swear, I want the Governor to call us, in his very presence I will tell him that I will be writing to EFCC with my chamber’s letter headed paper”.

The second call was done by Rev Habila Istifanus the following day and interpreted and translated this way:

"Sir, your called yesterday I can understand that you mean it, (Shehu interjected, Wallahi I mean it, look I’m an indigene of Ganye, it’s only me know how much I suffered to bring you to this chairmanship office), hold on Sir let me talk, you said I’m looking for your trouble and you could not tell me how and where?.

“It’s not today or now that I know you are looking for my trouble. First of all, there was a time we were in Gangwari palace you accused me on a particular issue, shifted all blame on me over what I know nothing about in his presence. It was something I think we can even resolve between us, he ended up responding to the matter. In that meeting, everyone else can testify that you are looking for my trouble.

"Secondly, recall a certain day you were in the office of the Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri you called someone and was asking him whether the money given by him for a particular project in the market was delivered and the person says no. But on a later date, I came with a recorded video and showed the Governor as a prove of all my activities as regards the money you have asked, this is another way I feel you are looking for my trouble.

“Listen! This is the third time you are looking for my trouble and getting on my nerves. I’m not afraid of you, I have never look for your trouble since you are the one looking for mine continue”.

These audios of banters revealed and shown an early warning signal that there are imminent, catastrophic incoming internal party squabbles, brewing war among the PDP members in Adamawa state.

Culled from TG News