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PDP Crisis: Local Councilors Beaten Mercilessly by Governor Fintiri's Ally

Maduwa, on his part, threatened to murder a Journalist a year ago for publishing what he (Maduwa) called a "unpalatable" report about Fintiri.

The political dispute in Michika local government area in Adamawa state has intensified, with Councillors who were not faithful to a close associate of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri; one Steven  Maduwa, being beaten to a coma during a meeting in Yola.

Speaking to media about the squabble, Hon.Bitrus Pagwe, the leader of the legislative council in Michika, said Stephen Maduwa sent a message to Councillors that Governor Fintiri will host a stakeholders meeting for Michika PDP members in Yola.

It was for this reason that they traveled to the state capital on Saturday.

Pagwe claimed that upon arrival, they were taken to the Homtel hotel on Army Barracks Road in Yola, where just a few stakeholders were present. Steven Maduwa then announced that the meeting's purpose was to achieve a legislative leadership change in the council.

Surprised by the odd instruction allegedly issued by the governor, Pagwe (head of the Councilors) objected, urging that the legislative council be re-elected in 2020. "Sir, this matter is a democratic affair," he remarked.

"Because we were duly elected, how would the governor, who was a legislator himself, give such an order?

Stephen Maduwa

The Crisis

"In the first instance we were told that the Governor directed that we should come to Yola for stakeholders meeting only to found out that Steven Maduwa and his co-travellers staged managed the meeting for their selfish political interests.

"We were physically attacked and beaten up by these thugs after coming out of the meeting where Abdu slanty, driver to Maduwa smashed my face injuring my eyes " Pagwe alleged.

Maduwa, enraged by Pagwe's boldness in questioning the governor's command, summoned a ready army of goons, led by his chauffeur Abdul Bodes (A.K.A. Slangy), who pounced on those of the Councillors he deemed to be untrustworthy.

Some key stakeholders, including Adamu Kamale, a former member of the House of Representatives, and Ayuba Kwada, a current member of the state Assembly from Michika, rushed out of the meeting after perceiving that the meeting was rigged to compel the Councilors' leadership to quit.

Ezekiel Kwaji, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Michika, confirmed the event, saying that
"there was a move to force a change in the leadership of the councilors.

"Which led to a scuffle, but I cannot confirm that anyone ordered the fight."

When contacted however, Maduwa angrily told our Correspondent "go and write whatever you want."

The governor and Maduwa have both been accused of bullying in the past. Governor Fintiri was heard threatening to deal with one Husseini Gambo Nakura in a recently released recording.

Maduwa, on his part, threatened to murder a Journalist a year ago for publishing what he (Maduwa) called a "unpalatable" report about Fintiri.

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