RE – Come Clean, You can’t Gloss over Weighty Allegations Against You, Osanyani Fires Back at APC National Women Leader. 

APC National Women Leader

RE – Come Clean, You can’t Gloss over Weighty Allegations Against You, Osanyani Fires Back at APC National Women Leader.


The leader of the National Women Coalition of APC, Pharm. Deborah Mathew Osanyani has insisted that the APC National Women Leader must come clean to clear her name and not resort to glossing over the real issue raised against her.


Osanyani made the call while replying a defense put up by Hajiya Zara Maisango leader of the Progressive Women and Youth Alliance through an online medium, over alledged diversion of wrappers meant for women empowerment across the 36 States and the FCT, from the office of the First Lady, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu worth hundreds of millions in Naira.


Osanyani stated that “We have noticed that in response to our demand for the National Women Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Dr. Mary Idele Alile to come clean on why she siphoned over 14,000 pieces of high quality wrappers worth over 250 Million Naira, meant for the empowerment of women across the 36 States of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Progressive women and youth Alliance decided to come up with a weak defense and glossed approach to the real issue”.


We expected Dr. Alile to deny unambigously that she did not siphone about 366 pieces of wrappers from the allocation for each state amounting to over 13, 500 pieces for the 36 states and the FCT, with a market value of over 250 Million Naira.


To state that an allegation for diversion of wrappers amounting to hundreds of millions is petty shows that the Progressive Women and youth alliance is never a pressure group and does not know the meaning of Rights Activism, they should change the name they bear because it is ridiculously embarrassing that they are aiding Dr. Alile to shortchange and trample on the rights of would-be beneficiaries of these laudable empowerment program from the office of the First Lady, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu.


It is appalling that a group claiming to defend the rights of women is now at the forefront of defending a political leader who is trying to cart away materials meant for women empowerment.


Pharm. Osanyani further stated that, nothing less than clearly stating how many wrappers were recieved and disbursed by Dr. Alile will be accepted.


The lengthy press releases of how she is empowering and fighting for rights of women without specifics is a failed attempt in defending her.


She further stressed that, “This is not a diversion as they claimed but a call for transparency, accountability and impactful leadership that Nigerians have been clamouring for. We stand for passionate and sincere leadership, and it is within our constitutional right to demand accountability from leaders and cry foul, when they err”.


It is contradictory for Hajiya Zara Maisango to say that Dr. Alile is empowering women when she is clearly diverting materials meant for empowering women. She should match her words with action by releasing the total number of wrappers allocated to the women across the states.


We await a response clearly stating the total number of wrappers received and the number allocated, and not an epistle on unsubstantiated virtual empowerments.

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