Reps Also Asked the FG to Put a Hold on a Proposed Population Census Due to Security Concerns

A large chunk of Nigerians are living under the siege of kidnappers
Nigerian House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has requested that the proposed population census be postponed.

Following a motion of urgent public importance moved by Barwa Shehu of Niger State, the Green Chamber made the decision.

Shehu argued in his motion that conducting a census in the current security situation would result in inaccurate results.

He also said that kidnappers have forced many Nigerians to flee their homes.

Shehu cautioned that sending census ad hoc workers to high-risk areas is akin to handing over data to robbers and kidnappers so they can continue their illegal activities.

“Some displaced persons have crossed over to other neighbouring countries and cannot be captured.

“A large chunk of Nigerians are living under the siege of kidnappers.

“Posting ad hoc staff to volatile areas is like giving data to bandits and criminals. This will amount to a waste of resources.”

The lawmaker also said that the census' accuracy would be called into doubt by the upcoming general election. As a result, he has requested that the census be postponed until the country has stabilized.