SAD! Mother In Police Custody For ‘Cutting Baby’s Throat’

Woman arrested on suspicion of murder after a baby was found dead at home

After shocked residents heard cries, a woman was arrested today on suspicion of killing her baby by 'cutting her throat' in Wembley.

One local told how this morning at an address in Wembley, northwest London, a woman dressed in black was led away by police in handcuffs.

According to the witness, the woman had yelled at the police officer when she was arrested while the father of the baby was 'hysterical.'

Mother In Police Custody For ‘Cutting Baby’s Throat’

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told newsmen that all involved parties were known to each other, but that they would not provide more information.

Ilona Sidorova, 45, said she made coffee for a woman investigating the incident who told her that for no reason the 'lady killed her baby - eight months old -.'

She said:

'The lady who I made coffee for said that the mother killed the baby, cut the neck and called to the husband and said 'I killed your baby.''

Ms Sidorova said that she was 'shocked' to find emergency services vehicles and hear screaming after returning home from work.

'I came back after my night shift, but there was some noise and screaming in front of the door. What I saw first was the woman covered in black,' she said.

'She was already wearing handcuffs and was screaming for the policeman. I saw the lady in black screaming and about 15 metres away there was a man.

'He was hysterical, he was screaming and the police took him in the car and then took her too. I just saw them as neighbours - that's it.

'They were looking so friendly, all of them. There were seven or eight people living there, more than one family. I would see them and speak with them. Sometimes children came and I allowed them to pick blackberries.

'I was shocked. I work as a nurse in a house for people with mental health problems so I see people with those problems, but I never saw anything strange or suspicious.'

Earlier a convoy of numbered and unmarked police vehicles lined the street as forensic officers walked back and forth from the house to their truck, clad in hazmat suits.

A single police car is left outside the Wembley semi-detached home.