Secrets Of A Successful Relationship

Relationships Do's and Don'ts to build a better relationship.
Happy Couple

Emotions comes in deeply and young minds find themselves getting depressed and broken-hearted at little instances. Some rush into relationships not minding the consequences or the trauma it may cause them because they're not ready.

Girls now go after charms and Guys now go after the curves and endowment of ladies and they end up hurting each other.

Dr. Pat Allen believes there are three different kinds of dating: Duty Dating, Real dating, and Courtship. Dr Allen’s Duty Dating is when you are practising dating skills, it’s not based on chemistry. It’s practising. Real dating is when you are mutually attracted to someone and you go out, and courtship is when you know you are looking for a relationship and both parties are looking to mate.

People especially young minds just jump into dating for the fun of it and for dating sake.

There's no award for a person with the highest number of ex's but there is a price for a long-lasting relationship which is happiness, fulfilment also attracting other people to admire the relationship.

The first thing to understand about dating is, it is for tolerant and patient minded people else you'll find yourself jumping from one relationship to the other or wrestling with your partner constantly.

There's more to a relationship than just charms, beauty, sex, money and gifts cause these can all be gotten elsewhere. It involves unconditional love and there are attributes that make up true love which are;

  • Communication-The concept or state of exchanging information between entities.
  • Communication is very important in every relationship, it determines the flow of the people involved.
  • Acceptance has to do with belief in something. As people dating with each other, there's a need to accept and build each other.
  • Trust-means confidence in or reliance on some person or quality. For a relationship to work out well, there's a need to trust each other at all times and in all situations.

  • The common goal-A result that one is attempting to achieve. So as an intending the couple, you both should have a common goal because that's what brings about connectivity and flow. In a case where your point of view varies from your partner and the need to understand each other and flow properly isn't going well, then there's a problem already, cause one may feel the other is wanting to be superior over the other
  • Agreement-An understanding between entities to follow a specific course of conduct. Two people who claim to love each other should be able to always agree on specific matters and decisions.
  • Understanding-mental, sometimes emotional process of comprehension. Always understand each other cause it helps build a healthy relationship.

  • Tolerance- is the ability to endure pain or hardship. Always stick to each other no matter the situation and take things slowly, in good or bad times.
  • Supportive answers to questions and resolutions of problems regarding something. Always support each other, which will go a long way in building a healthy relationship mentally, psychologically, physically, emotionally, financially e.t.c
  • Defensive-displaying an inordinate sensitivity to criticism. Always defend each other, especially before other people, it matters in a healthy relationship.
  • Productive-yielding good or useful results. Everyone wants to be with someone that can build them up, that can bring out something in them especially based on positivity. Especially in the case of a lady impacting a man's life. Doing something for herself and helping the man build himself.

  • Encouraging-to mentally support, motivate or give courage, hope or spirit. Always give your partner a reason to never give up and give them a purpose to want to live every day.
  • Caring-a treatment given to those in need. Always care for the person you claim to love, it makes them feel important and relevant in your life.
  • Forgiveness-to pardon or wave any negative feeling or desire for punishment. Learn to let go of certain things, no matter how hurting it may because it keeps a relationship moving. Never bring up old issues in a fight, it can be a major turn off to your partner.

Do's And Dont's Of A Smooth Relationship

  • Never talk back at your partner because two hot-headed people cannot generate peace.
  • No matter how intense a fight is, never call your partner by his/her name especially when you don't call them that on a normal day.
  • Learn to sort your problems out by yourself without having a third party included.
  • Always Apologise in a fight, don't allow pride or ego to step in.
  •  Don't apply every advice given to you especially relationship-wise cause not everything that works for another will work for you.

  • In making a point to your partner, try to be convincing, not violent with the use of force.
  • Don't stock on your partner, they also need space and privacy sometimes.
  • Never correct your partner in public, if you must, then do it in a loving way.
  • Don't always wait for your partner to do the calling, chatting, texting and visiting, it Should be reciprocal.
  • Keeping lots of friends of the opposite sex may be a threat to your partner, so avoid it.

  • Avoid clinging to an ex or telling them about your new boyfriend/girlfriend, they can be a threat to your relationship.
  • Don't compare your partner to others, it has a way of making them feel somehow. Relationships do not only make you exposed to other ideologies, it teaches one how to be focused on a priority. So know what you want before you jump into it. Know the difference between love and infatuation, because it will help you avoid some heartaches, except when your choice gets you there.