Sen. Ishaku Abbo: A Better Choice For Adamawa

Senator Ishaku Abbo reprioritized the security and welfare of his people.
Senator Ishaku Abbo - SIA, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone

By: Israel Ishaku

Insecurity and socio-economic breakdown are the major problems of Adamawa state as of today, due to mismanagement by the administrators and numerous numbers of vulnerable and fewer privileged indigenes in the state.

Security and welfare of the people should be the primary purpose of the government. A great leader has to give priority to the welfare and security of his people in other to attend the highest level of governance.

Young, vibrant, empathetic and influential fiery senator representing Adamawa northern senatorial zone at the 9th Assembly, Senator Ishaku Abbo stood up for humanity and emphasized more frequently at the National Assembly on the security challenges of not only the Adamawa state, but the entire northeastern part of the country as well.

Senator Ishaku Abbo struggles, and contributed physically, mentally and financially, in order to standardize the security system of the country, to eradicate insurgency and reduce the mortality rate hiked by the activities of the insurgent, which is the primary need of his zone.

Senator Ishaku Abbo also empathizes with the vulnerable and less privileged, not only in his senatorial zone but across the entire Adamawa state, regardless of religious sentiment, tribal differences and gender inequality.

On 4th April 2020 senator, Ishaku Abbo organized a program called Act of Random Kindness (ARK). He organized this movement purposely to show extensive kindness for humanity and a magnanimous empathy across the entire state.

By all definitions, Senator Ishaku Abbo is a great leader, a leader that understands the needs of his people, a leader with a heart of transformation, a leader who deserves to be in power due to his legacy projects.

Senator Ishaku Abbo reprioritized the security and welfare of his people.

Senator Ishaku Abbo  Is The Better Choice For a Better Adamawa.

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