Senator Abbo's Philanthropy Knew No Bound - Samson

... Sen. Abbo is willing to help anyone
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone

By Dayine Njede Samson

The name Ishaku Abbo resonates around all the nooks and crannies of Adamawa State and beyond. His popularity deposition over the years enabled him curve a niche for himself as a marverick politician and an emerging leader whose disposition to the people as well as acceptability is soaring higher like the Harmathan whirlwind that catapults freshly seeds of great potentials to fertile grounds in readiness to bear fruitful branches and seeds.

In our present day society that is being pulled apart by atavistic  cleavance and ethnic division which has greatly polarised the people amidst avarice and self-interest, the people need a peaceful committed unifier, an instrument of motivation and harmonious co-existence to turn around things for the overall good of the society.

In all these, Senator Ishaku Abbo rightly fit into this description, as he offer himself to serve the people of Adamawa State. A lovable personality who since growing into adulthood, has remain a vessel for progress, instruction of peace, humanity, and development in and around his community and beyond. He has been a bridge-builder, a true Patriot that is revered and adored kingly in his Senatorial District, and Adamawa State as a whole.

As an accomplished businessman, Humanitarian Activist and lawmaker, Sen. Abbo is willing to help anyone. His thirst for philanthropy knew no bound, as he is always willing and interested to support anybody irrespective of where the person came from.

It was therefore not a surprise that at a very young age, that the people of Adamawa North Senatorial District elected him to represent them at the Red Of the National Assembly.

His foray into politics and business have provided him an ample opportunity to endear himself more to his immediate constituency and beyond through his people-oriented humanitarian assistance. This further enable him create a fully circular relationship with his people, both young and the old.

Besides, he is now more passionate about growing people to reach their potentials through the ARK initiative. A team player of great repute, Abbo is loved and respected by the youths, women and elders. And like a child who washes his hands clean, is allow to wine and dine with the elderly, and he is always found among them. This may not be unconnected to why some people presumed him to be an ally of some prominent political gladiators in the country.

A dedicated husband and father, Sen. Abbo is hardworking, resilient, committed, and sharp with greater capacities in organizational skills and seems well funded. All these no doubt stands him out amongst all that may contest for the gubernatorial seat of Adamawa State come 2023.

Dayine Njede Samson
Ambassador General
SIA Ambassadors-Rescue.