When a well-intentioned project is targeted for ridicule, the elusive approach typically employed for use is religious pigmentation. Unfortunately, this has repeatedly succeeded in discrediting many people-oriented projects and programs in Nigeria.

The deliberate attempt to pervert and subvert the unprecedented initiative to provide medical relief to the people of Adamawa South Senatorial District by the Distinguished Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe is one of these bouts by some jobless muggers who are indeed famed antagonists of good feats.

Although this should not come as a surprise, because of the way some so-called politicians have been handling people’s progress, yet one still wonders if anyone that ever went to school still has residue of ill will in him so much that enlightened intentions are deliberately pounce on. It is a medical outreach for the people of Adamawa South by their Senator who was elected by them all, for goodness sake!

Maybe those who are vehemently attacking the proposed free medical outreach are doing so for not only politically motivated bad intentions but for ignorance as well.
One, it is a known fact that Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has a formidable medical team in their humanitarian arm that has been offering medical support to many communities in Nigeria and across the continent.

They do this under the CBN Humanitarian where it provides relief materials, medical mission, micro business initiatives, water project and food programmes throughout Africa. Recently for instance, they provided water to Agoita Community in Kagarko Local government where Christians and Muslims were the beneficiaries. CBN also partners with MeCure Eye Centre and are providing free cataract surgery to many people across Nigeria. So to say that an exclusive Christian ministry is partnering with Senator Binos to provide medical aid for Christians is simply an expression of ignorance of what the partnering NGO stands for.

It may interest readers to also know that apart from CBN there is another notable NGO partnering in this very important move of the Distinguished Senator. Soteri-Afrique Rural Healthcare Initiative is a credible organization known for their commitment to the provision of healthcare to the rural population.

For those who know the geography of Adamawa South, the Choice of Demsa as a location for the medical outreach for the nine local governments is most appropriate; although the question was not about Demsa, but the choice of a church owned hospital facility for the well-intentioned medical interventions.

May be for records purposes and for those who do not know, the LCCN Referral Centre Demsa is one of the best Medical facilities in Adamawa State with the state-of-the-art modern medical facilities that have been providing medical services to people of all religions, faiths and creeds. The hospital has been in partnership with the global health ministries in the USA for so many years now. The LCCN Referral Hospital Demsa is a centre where Christians and Muslims alike get affordable health care services. So tagging the choice of the Referral Centre as a Christianised mission is a deliberate mischief and intentional blackmail to a program that is well intended for the benefit of all people regardless of religious, cultural and political affiliations.

For a right thinking and dutiful person, whether Christian or Muslim if anything good is happening it will be appreciated rather than look for ways to discredit it. Distinguished Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe has lived a generous and unbiased life well before he became the Senator representing Adamawa South. If no one did what he is planning and executing it is not going to stop him from thinking for the people who entrusted with the mandate of their conviction. He said it in his not-so-willing response that the matter of segregation cannot be associated to his planned medical outreach as the first person he contacted with the idea was the chief Imam of Mayo-Belwa. He no doubt has also intimated his great party the People’s Democratic Party in the Southern Senatorial District and the entire State.

There are several other upcoming and incubating programmes that is people orientated that Distinguished Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe will bring to Adamawa South, that was why he sought for the mandate and he was elected based on his tracked records and proven integrity and respect for rights and privileges of every Nigerian irrespective of tribe, religion without any kind of predilection.

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