Senator Ishaku Abbo Is The Solution To Adamawa State.

Senator Ishaku Abbo is the solution to the present problems Adamawa is facing today.
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Senatorial District

By ✍️ Israel Ishaku.

Adamawa  state is a blessed land having the optimum necessities for economic development, such as fertile land for agriculture and also a center for both national and international business. 

Adamawa state is also blessed with great populations of people from different areas across the state speaking different languages, ideologies, and its unique complexity,  making the state to be very complicated for a leader with a little understanding and lacking wisdom and knowledge of governance, and also management skills to handle and maintain it's resources due to the complications of the state itself and the individual differences of its populace. 

It takes a leader who knows better about the primary needs of people in the state; a leader who focus on all the problems of the people in every angles of the state with out discrimination, to maintain and transform the state.

As of 2006 census, Adamawa state population was recorded as 193,392,500 peoples living in harmony. 60%  of the state population are youth who devote themselves for the progress of their communities and the entire state as well.

In 2019, Adamawa state was recorded as the 3rd most poorest state In Nigeria after sokoto state and Katsina state with the poverty rate of 74.2%.

Poor educational standard,  high rate of illiteracy and unemployment rate overwhelmed the state.
Welfare of the youth , vulnerable and less privilege is neglected, agricultural system of the state is also getting poor. 

No empowerment and high rate workers dismissal is recorded in the present government.
Adamawa state is be coming something different other than it's greatness of then, due to mismanagement and poor governance by some past and present administrators of the state.

Senator Ishaku Abbo, senator representing Adamawa north senatorial zone at 9th national senate assembly unifies people across the state most especially youths, in regardless of religion sentiment tribal differences and gender inequalities. 

Senator Ishaku Abbo stood for humanity, encourage and motivate youths, reprioritize welfare and security of the state. 

Senator Ishaku Abbo also emphasized about  the rehabilitation and reconstruction of not only his senatorial zone, but of the entire state.

Senator Ishaku Abbo is a right person who can solve the complications of Adamawa state.

Senator Ishaku Abbo is the solution to the present problems Adamawa is facing today.