Senator Ishaku Abbo (SIA): A Burgeoning Political Maestro

Senator Ishaku Abbo is the darling and amiable bride of Adamawa politic!
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone [Photo: Michael V. Bolgent]

By Yusuf Jabatawa JABS

There exist no one definite route to electoral victory and political success that is universally proven of having the efficacy to constantly deliver positive outcomes.

However, a successful political career is built largely by a person's intelligence, doggedness,wealth of experience, popularity, structures, environmental determinism and a modicum of luck.

Senator Ishaku Abbo's burgeoning success story is hinged upon the above factors, and off course many more distinguishable attributes, deliberate efforts of long suffering on and behind the scene of politics.

There is no gainsaying that Senator Ishaku Abbo's (SIA) meteoric rise in politics is a Divine act manifested through his (SIA) painstaking efforts and borne out of the desire to touch the lives of his people in many positive ways.

As a professional political strategist-off the field, and now an actively vibrant politician-on the field, and in his prime, underrating him is at the peril of his political foes!

One may begin to wonder at what makes SIA tick? What on earth could make a Nigerian young man just a little over forty contest for the exalted and distinguished seat of the Senator of the Federal Republic.

Amazingly, In a country where one needs connection to get a mere plate of rice in a wedding, is the same country a young man in his early forties contested and won the coveted seat of a SENATOR (beating an incumbent) without a godfather!

Without prejudices, the success story of Distinguished Senator Ishaku Abbo is the impetus and catalyst needed to spur the not too young to run initiative that should ideally, retire the old politicians.

"Born without a silver spoon," Senator Ishaku Abbo attended public schools! His uncommon brilliance and penchant for politics became manifest even during his secondary school days at Science School Uba.

At a time when his mates are obviously partying and revelling in the excesses of youthful exuberance, SIA founded his political consultancy firm in 2011 known as SAICE AND WRIGHT.

SAICE is an acronym for Saraya (his mother's name) Abbo Ishaku Cliff Elisha.  WRIGHT is the middle name of his first son known as Elisha Cliff Ishaku Jnr. He was called Wright from birth.


SAICE AND WRIGHT is a top notch political consultancy firm. A one-stop shop for political consultancy specializing in electoral strategies, community mobilisation strategies, political crises mitigation amongst others. The firm has over 60 permanent and temporary staff.

The firm was the first to be appointed by the APC to work on her election in 2013 (after the great merger of CPC,ACN and other parties) He did the electoral strategies for the APC in the Bye-elections for the Delta Central senatorial seat following the demise of Sen. Plus Eweridoh.

Furthermore, in the same year, the APC engages his services to work for Senator Chris Ngige in the October 2013 Anambra Gubernatorial elections. The experiences he gathered in the two elections of Anambra and Delta made him publish a book titled:

"Tales From The Field- My story of Anambra Elections in 2013: A wake up call for APC.

In 2015, APC engaged his firm for President M. Buhari election. He was sent to the south south for impact mitigation and come up with the strategy of minimising the loses of APC in the south south under the then President Goodluck Jonathan with special interest in Delta and Rivers states.

Since then, he has worked for many Governors and Senators including Governors of Ekiti, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Taraba states. Most or all his works in these states were resoundingly successful!

Just of recent, he also developed the blueprint and templates for the victory of David Lyon of the APC in Bayelsa. However, that victory was short-lived as the Supreme court unanimously gave PDP victory over some pre-electoral matters.

Today, Senator Ishaku Abbo is the darling and amiable bride of Adamawa politics! His pedigree, acceptability and humanitarian activities makes his political profile to keep soaring higher on a daily basis.

SIA MOVEMENT (a political, social and economic advancement and advocacy group founded by senator Ishaku Abbo ) is now a household name in Adamawa and beyond.

With thousands of registered members- mostly youths and students, the movement is daily winning members known as BELIEVERS who are getting LEADERSHIP mentoring, engaging in humanitarian activities and community mobilisation for a better tomorrow.