What makes sociology 'thick' is the constant drive to employ empirical methods of enquiry to understand a certain phenomenon and have an informed opinion or position.
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone

By: Yusuf Jabatawa Jabs

One good sociological lesson I learnt in my University days was the sociological perspectives that deal with what we often call "common sense".

Common sense has often misled many into forming rigid stereotypes, display unmerited hatred and animosity towards innocent people, inflict bodily and psychological harm on others and so on.

What makes sociology 'thick' is the constant drive to employ empirical methods of enquiry to understand a certain phenomenon and have an informed opinion or position.

Sadly today, access to the Internet and social media have glorified common sense at the detriment of facts, empirical investigations and an objective analysis of issues.

Many have joined the bandwagon of "armchair analyst" that claim the all-knowing repository of facts, figures and most informed on a given issue without recourse to cross-checks.

A recent sad event involving a former Principal Aide of Senator Ishaku Abbo (SIA) broke out yesterday. Many social media commentators who neither heard from the Senator nor the Aide were busy passing verdict.

While I must commend the Distinguished Senator for the high sense of maturity and show of love for not disclosing the nature of the crime committed due to its damaging nature.

Moreso, despite the fact that most commentators formed their own 'truth' by believing the story planted by mischievous advocates of the perpetrators of the crime, sadly, many fall for thier antics and believed them.

The Distinguished Senator remained focused and loving in the face of unmitigated aggression and hostility just to save the situation and future of "his boys" even when they committed unpardonable crimes to him and the laws of the land!

Sadly, while blackmailing merchants are wailing and calling the Senator names, trying desperately to add ethnic and Political dimension, he refused to divulge any information because he believed that the same people will use it against the boys tomorrow.

For the avoidance of doubt, Distinguished Senator Ishaku Abbo remains a father figure to all his Aides, employees and all his"boys"!. He often treat all around him with same level of respect and more often deal directly with all, rather than through proxies.

He has exemplified ideal Leadership qualities by being humble, open and free. However, many are using this to perpetrate crimes and other shaddy deals, hence bringing shame and embarrassment upon themselves.
Instructively, we also have the responsibility to constantly view issues from beyond "common sense". No matter how beautiful one writes about the ordeal of a rape victim, the story can  never be the same when the victim narrates it herself!

Let the general public not be swift in believing all cock and bull tale flying left, right and centre, but rather, let us try to uphold the four way test of the rotary club thus:

God bless Distinguished Senator Ishaku Abbo

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