Strangers Raised £12,400 For Homeless Man

‘That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life
Homeless man gets 12k dollars donation

Since touching the hearts of strangers in a series of viral videos, a homeless man received £12,400 in donations.

Mike, 46, broke down in tears when he was handed the money in the car of his friend Philip Vu, 24. Mike and Phillip met in New Haven, Connecticut, when Mike offered to clean Phillip's car windows.

Phillip had left his graduate job and was traveling around the country making videos for his social media sites. After initially declining to speak with Mike, he agreed to buy him a sandwich and give him a ride in the car to avoid the subzero temperatures.

They formed an unlikely friendship, and Phillip used TikTok to share clips of their conversations, which received millions of views. Strangers started to email me, promising to donate money to support, and within days, thousands of dollars had been pledged.

Phillip handed over some cash and announced the sum of the online fundraiser at their next mealtime get-together, eliciting Mike's shocked and heartfelt reaction. ‘ ‘That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.' said Phillip, a content designer from Newport Beach, California.

‘When I set off on this journey eight months ago when I left home to live out my car and make videos, years in the future my dream was to give a person who deserves it a lump sum of money and change their life", he added