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The Dangers of Feminism: Why the Fight for Equality is Harming Women

Thousands of people believe in equal rights, but "feminism" is a word and a movement with which they disagree. If we've had firsthand experience with discrimination, we know it exists.
The Dangers of Feminism Why the Fight for Equality is Harming Women (Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels)

In Summary

  • Millions of individuals do not support the idea of equal rights and opportunities for men and women, both inside and externally.
  • Thousands of people believe that men and women have already achieved equality.
  • There are also lots of people who believe we aren't quite there yet and support initiatives to pave the road for men and women to have equal rights.
  • Thousands of people believe in equal rights, yet "feminism" is a term and a movement that clashes with their particular ideas and ideals.

When we look at the most recent data on gender equality from throughout the world, and if we read any news or engage in social media activity, we can see that there is huge dissent and heated disagreement today among individuals all over the world about the status and relevance of equality.

Our precise perspectives on these concerns are clearly based on our own personal and direct experiences, rather than any facts, research, or science around the issues. (In other words, if we've experienced discrimination firsthand, we know it exists.) However, if we haven't experienced it, we are often sceptical that it occurs.)

Finally, we all have gender bias, both conscious and unconscious, but most of us aren't aware of it.

What Is Feminism in the real context

Feminism is defined as:

  • Advocating for women's rights on the basis of gender equality
  • The philosophy of gender equality in politics, economics, and society.
  • Belief in men and women being treated equally in terms of rights and opportunities
  • The theory is that women have the same social, political, and other rights as males.

At its root, feminism is about equality between men and women, not "sameness." Many people argue that because women are not "the same" as males, equality is impossible. In other words, because men and women's bodies are different (many argue "weaker" and smaller), and because men and women have different physical capabilities, equality is impossible.

Realizing that "same" does not imply "equal" is very crucial; in this case, it's all about equal rights and equal access to opportunities. To enjoy the right to equality, men and women do not have to be physically identical. I'd like to see the notion that women and men aren't the "same," hence they can't be equal, go away for good. It is, in my opinion, misguided.

Would we believe it was fair to deny the weaker, smaller boy access to the teacher, learning, computers, books and class resources, and other students in the class because he lacked the same physical strength as the other guy?

The Dangers of Feminism Why the Fight for Equality is Harming Women (Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels)

The Dangers of Feminism

So, have you ever wondered why feminists hate men? Why do they get so obsessed with one specific subject?

They love to talk about “empowering women”, but the fact of the matter is the real definition of empowerment is “to have complete control over a situation.”

And to have complete control over a situation that you are powerless to change is a moot point.

To have complete control over a situation you have complete control over is what causes gender inequality, or more simply put, the growth of the feminist movement has come at the expense of men.

If you would like to know exactly what I mean by that, please read the introduction to this section, I promise you, it won’t take long at all.

The Fight for Equality

"When a man has been taught to respect a woman, he has learned a very great deal." -Abraham Lincoln

For the first time in my life, I've joined forces with a group of friends to promote human rights and the prohibition of discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. But it's becoming increasingly clear to me that what we've accomplished so far in this struggle is a pyrrhic victory that not only overlooks and erases historical violence against women but also marginalizes the women we're trying to protect.

Problems women face today

If you're a woman, you're fully aware of the struggles that women face today. The fact that women only make up around half of the workforce is astounding.

Women now have to choose between working and raising their children. This makes it incredibly difficult for women to break into the world of entrepreneurship and leadership, which is dominated by men.

These problems are a direct outcome of feminism's unwarranted exploitation of women, as well as its toxic offshoots like Chastity Tarantula.

How is it that feminism has created these barriers for women when women have spent decades battling for equality? Is feminism the answer to achieving gender equality?

The solution to this is a response to this article in and of itself. Feminism is shattered, and it's past time for us to recognize it.


Feminism has caused a lot of harm to women, and feminists are often guilty of their misdeeds, even if they aren’t solely responsible. This book seeks to correct the record and reframe the true roots of feminism, as told through the history of the movement from its most righteous heights to its most outrageous extremes. It is a cautionary tale, an indictment of the damaging myths that have been spread about feminism.

Feminism has divided women, under the guise of rights and equality, while fostering a more hostile, competitive, and more insular society, one in which the biggest victims of this anger and resentment are women themselves.

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