The Polemics of Adamawa Politics Ahead of 2023

By and large, the politics of 2023 in Adamawa state will be very interesting.
Senator Ishaku Abbo (Left) and Governor Ahmadu Fintiri (RIght)

By Yusuf Jabatawa

Representative government entails individual participation in the process of governance. Sitting on the fence is never a virtue of modern democratic ethos. It is either one votes or is to be voted for in a competitive elections.

Multi party democracy is the most beautiful of all democracies where both voters and those vying for political leadership chose among several options and those not chosen still have a constitutional role of checkmating the activities of those in power.

In Nigeria today, by principle, we have over 70 registered political parties but in reality, two parties are functioning as a structure well organised in all sense of what a political party should be. These parties are the PDP and the APC. 

The rest are usually standby platforms usually used by an aggrieved individual (s) from PDP or APC. In 2019, Chief Emmanuel Bello and Commander Abdullazeez Nyako used SDP and APC respectively after being treated bad by their respective former parties. Today, both are now in the APC!

This beautiful marriage of convenience between ADC and APC which is expected to birth a beautiful child in 2023 is a necessity for two obvious reasons: one,  both ADC and APC have done a great mutual mistake by going apart in 2019. 

Many pundits agree that if ADC and APC were united prior to the 2019 elections, then PDP and AUF will only hear about Dougirei Government house but will not enter it as an occupant. Personally, I agree no less with the assertion. 

Chief Emmanuel Bello with Mai Mala Buni, APC Chairman - Caretaker Committee

The second reason is that for now, both parties have a common political rival in PDP and AUF. For Senator Azeez Nyako AKA Commander, this is the right avenue to avenge the impeachment of his father by same AUF in 2014.

Bindow too will want to take his pound of flesh on the current occupant of the Dougirei Government house. Senator Abbo who is recently listed among the top 6 most vocal senators is dagger drawn against the PDP and Governor AUF

In all this, the Governor seem not to have a full grasp of the drums of war beating everywhere or rather choose to ignore them for two reasons: one, either he is very sure of his foolproof strategies or he is confident that he will deliver on his mandate well enough to elicit a landslide at the polls in 2023

Senator Nyako Fires At Fintiri's PDP After Claims of Mass Defection to the Party

Whatever the case may be, from the human point of view, the assemblage of notable politicians in the APC of Adamawa state may make an onlooker assume the line up is to wrestle for Presidency and not for the soul of Adamawa state alone.

Conversely, the incumbent Governor AUF will have the following categories to contend with: the enemies or Judas within the ranks of his party and government; and the insatiable politicians that are never contended with everything they get in life.

Additionally, the herculean task before the governor is predominantly on how to mobilise and utilise resources to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people. So far, mobilising resources has been a mirage especially with the paltry internally generated revenue of the state. Only time will tell if he has been up and doing in that regards. 

Senator Abbo Behind Mallam Nuhu Ribadu During His Campaign in 2011

To make matters worst for the incumbent, the only PDP senator from the state Senator Binos Yeroe is now rumored to be warming his way out of the PDP. If this turns out to be true, then this move may cast the death knell on the future of PDP in Adamawa state.

So far, there is no pretense about the massive movement of individuals from different political parties, association and groups to APC. No one can say in particular what is causing this tidal waves of movement but it has a lot to do with the calibre and integrity of men presently in APC

By and large, the politics of 2023 in Adamawa state will be very interesting. However, the opposition APC MUST be COHESIVE and UNITED against all odds. The PDP on the other hand as incumbent must DELIVER on campaign promises and uplift the lives of the masses.

Senator Ishaku abbo, Adamawa North (L), Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed (Binani), Adamawa Central (M), Senator Binos Yaroe, Adamawa South (R)