Ultimate Assurance: What you really Need to Know

Assurance is never simple, in a product or a person, you must always put in effort and sacrifices before you can find who or what you can truly rely on.
Ultimate Assurance: What you really Need to Know | Family Celebrating a Birthday (Pexels - August De-richelieu)

There is peace in certainty. And everyone loves to be at peace. Peace feels good. It feels good to know that something you have been expecting will definitely happen. It feels good to know that the money you have been expecting will definitely be paid. It feels good to know that the gift you have been waiting for will definitely be given to you. It also feels good to have someone to love and care about. It is an excellent feeling to know that someone will definitely always have feelings for you. To know that certainly, there is someone somewhere that will always care for you and pray for you and wish for your well-being come what may.

It is an awesome feeling to know that you have someone you can count on whenever or whatever may happen. To know that there is someone who will always pick up your calls no matter how late at night and happily listen to your sweet dreams and nightmares. It is great to have an assurance that someone will always be excited to be with you and will be worried when something goes wrong with you. It is just so heavenly to have something or someone you can bet on. Something you are sure will always happen no matter what may change or someone you know will always be there for you regardless of what may happen. It gives a lot of peace to have insurance in something or someone.

Ultimate Assurance: What you really Need to Know | Family Celebrating a Birthday (Pexels - August De-richelieu)

It is never easy to have such assurance though. Whether it is in a thing or a person, you always have to put in a lot of work and sacrifices before you can find something or someone you can really depend on with all your heart. If it is a job or business, you know you have to be consistent and give it you're all for it to work out. If it is the salary at the end of the month or the interest at the end of the week, you know it will never just appear if you don't show up to your place of work or business every single day, putting in little extra hours when need be.

And when it comes to love and the people you care about, you don't need to tell others how much investment and sacrifice was given before you reached a point in time where you can give and earn full trust. It is never a day's job. It takes consistency and determination and patience and understanding and forgiveness and second chances and self-control. It obviously takes a a lot to get a lot.

But when you finally get to that point where trust comes as naturally and simply as you breathe and walk, it is worth it and assurance in its being. You will smile at all the sacrifices made, all the mountains climbed and all the valleys crossed, and deep down you will know that you will gladly go through the worst situations without any complaints or murmurings if it means that is the price you have to pay to get to that point. And you can be at peace when you finally get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Ultimate Assurance: What you really Need to Know | Family Celebrating a Birthday (Pexels - August De-richelieu)

But what happens when the wind of uncertainty blows and everything you were so certain of threatens to be blown away right before your eyes. As the saying goes- ' the only thing constant in life is change'. Change happens whether you like it or not. And most times it does not feel good. Everything changes eventually. The only certain thing in life is the next minute. The next minute will surely come whether you are in it or not. Time has proved that fact.

So, what happens when the next minute comes without that one thing you used to be so sure of? What if the next minute comes without that thing you were excited and looking forward to? What happens if the person you used to count on is no longer there for you? What happens if you lose that job that pays so well or if that business you have invested everything in comes crashing down? What happens when that one person that loves you so much suddenly stops loving you or is no more. There is really no assurance in life and no insurance in the things you think you are so sure of. Life happens. Things change. New inventions are constantly coming up every day and life, in every form, has to keep up with it. People change their minds. People's feelings change. Accidents happen. Death happens. The ones you love and the things you put your trust in will fade away. You might not always have those things or those you are so sure of right now. They might leave. They might change their minds. They might just vanish without excuses or explanations. And in the end, you might find out that you really cannot have any assurances or guarantees in things or people. Your only certainty actually lies in change.

So then you change with change. You might go down for a while at some time and cry out your heart for all the things and the ones you have lost. You might feel stuck and feel like giving up. It might take a long while or just a short period of time. But you will heal eventually. Time heals. So when you start to feel strong again, you stand up and move with change. You give second chances and try again. Slow and steady. Make changes where needed and try new things. Take risks and give it your all once again. Who knows? You might even find a sweeter place than where you were before. And whatever might happen, whether you fail, again and again, you have to find a way to bring yourself back up to your feet and move with change. Because in the end, change is the only insurance you can really be certain of. Change is the ultimate form of insurance.