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Unforgettable Journey To Girmeri - Border Village

The village is dominated by Falli ethnic group.
Unforgettable Journey To Girmeri - Border Village

The journey started at about nine o'clock on a faithful Monday morning. It was a journey of three people for a national assignment. We all boarded a motorcycle that took us about five to six hours to and from  Girmeri, a village along with the Nigeria - Cameroon border in Mubi North local government area of Adamawa State.

The journey was fun at the beginning. We were moving steadily. The environment was calm. We saw people in their farms, while harders were taking care of their cattle. 

However, the atmosphere started taking another dimension, when I saw a mountain that we were about to climb. Though the area is mountainous, the one we are supposed to climb is craggy. I thought my world has crumbled due to the nature of my unending journey.

The road is scarier than Mayo Ndaga's road of Gembu in my own Taraba State. I wanted to cry, but no one close to console me. Above all, it was an assignment. I only continue praying to the Almighty Allah to guide and protect me in this journey to an unknown destination.  

The most difficult part of the journey was where the mountain is too high, we must alight and walk in other allow bikers to go alone. I even crawled and finally reached Girmedi.

Girmeri is a peaceful community and it has a normal life even without social amenities such as borehole, school, and Primary Health Care center. They use streams as a source of water. They also have only "gidan Boka" where they always go for the treatment of all kinds of diseases illnesses.

Unforgettable Journey To Girmeri - Border Village

You will hardly meet a maiden of 15 or 16 years that is unmarried. They have the culture of early marriage. Another feature of the  Girmeri people is that their men have three, four, and five wives. Even religious leaders to have more than one wife. 

As a young man,  if you want a lady for marriage and you realized that her parents will not give consent to your desire, you can just arrange with your friend to abduct the girl. After the abduction,  you will then go and pay her bride price.

Unforgettable Journey To Girmeri - Border Village

Girmeri is a place where you will not see Igbo or Fulani that travel all places within and outside Nigeria. The village is dominated by Falli ethnic group.
With God Grace, the journey was successful but unforgettable. The pains still linger. I want to appreciate my people in Mubi for making me comfortable after we returned to our base.

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