UPDATE: PDP Crisis Deepens As Wike pulls Out of Edo PDP reconciliation, Gives Reasons

Describes NWC members as tax collectors
Governor Nyesom Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has withdrawn from the reconciliation efforts of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Edo State.

Wike spoke to newsmen in Port Harcourt yesterday, describing some members of the party 's National Working Committee (NWC) as sycophants and tax collectors who would never say the truth.

The governor said they had resorted to using the media to bully him instead of the NWC to take us along in Edo State.

He said:

“I told them that in Edo State, we must handle the issue carefully and carry everybody along. They must respect human beings and not behave like tax collectors.

“They said because an order was obtained from a  Federal High Court in Port Harcourt, then, I am responsible.

“I have had sleepless nights to resolve the issue in Edo State. The governors of Edo, Adamawa, and Delta states, know what I have done to resolve the issues in Edo State.

“As a result of this senseless accusation, I have pulled out of Edo State settlement. My integrity matters. I have also directed my lawyer to write ThisDay Newspaper on the publication they made against me in their Tuesday, 23rd June, 2020 edition.

“I know the members of the National Working Committee of PDP who connived with ThisDay. They are tax collectors. Let them challenge me and I will come out with more facts.

“Nobody will rubbish me by raising false accusations against me. I will fight back”, he declared.

The governor said he would no longer be involved in any reconciliation, and asked why the NWC now wants to consult the party's governors.

In the case of Bayelsa State, Wike asked why the NWC had not met with the governors.

He warned that if PDP were not careful, the All Progressives Congress (APC) crisis would be a play for a child.

“I am brought up not to accept injustice, and that is why I keep speaking out on national issues. Nobody in PDP can intimidate Rivers State.

“Nobody can threaten me because I said things must be done constitutionally. I will always continue to satisfy my conscience.

“From now on, I want to concentrate on the development of Rivers State”, he added.

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