VIDEO: "Apologize to Us For Destroying Our Campaign Office, Or... " - Senator Abbo

“I want my supporters to wait until further notice" Abbo said while waiting for action from Security Agencies and the PDP
Senator Ishaku Abbo

Senator Ishaku Abbo, has on  Sunday 14th said that the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State, led by Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has destroyed property belonging to All Progressive Party (APC), including his campaign office in Adamawa Northern Senatorial District.

Though condemning the odious act, Abbo stated that the destruction is nothing more than a clear declaration of war on a zone in desperate need of stability, which has been subjected to numerous Boko Haram attacks, and that they have no choice but to protect themselves as an opposition party in the zone.

Senator Abbo reminisced about how the new Governor of the State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, benefited from the APC's magnanimous spirit of unity during the 2019 general election, campaigning without being threatened or targeted by the opposition.

Governor Fintiri, he claims, spent five days in Mubi, the hometown of the immediate past Governor, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, peacefully campaigning with no harm done to him, but he is concerned to see him (Fintiri) pounding the political drums of war two years before the general elections in 2023.

The lawmaker was concerned that the state's ruling party, the PDP, had attacked APC on two separate occasions in Mubi, damaging their assets. He requested an apology from the PDP, the state's ruling party.

He also disclosed that the APC was a vulnerable group that could be rigged out in the 2019 election, and that the election results of Toungo Local Government would have a comfortable shift, but that the whole process was enabled to be credible by the APC because of the party's peaceful existence.

In a video posted on his personal Facebook profile, Abbo said that he is aware of what occurred on the day that the Governor entered Mubi and that APC offices and properties were destroyed in less than an hour.

“Today Governor Fintiri entered Mubi and My office was attacked in broad daylight by PDP Thugs for the second time.

“People of Mubi have labored so hard to restore peace to our land after its invasion in 2014 by Boko Haram. Vigilante groups and some Gun-wielding youths escorted the attackers.”
Abbo said

The Adamawa North Senator mentioned that as the zone's chief and highest political office holder, he is aware of the provocations, and urged his supporters to remain calm until further notice.

He did claim, however, that the Mubi zone is historically an APC region due to the party's elected officeholders, and that they cannot sell it cheaply to a few minority groups.

“I want to say that Mubi North, Mubi South, and Maiha have been traditionally an APC strong support base. We won’t fold our hands and watch the minority few that could not win their polling units to oppress us the majority.

“I want to be categorical clear on telling you this, I’m saying it without mincing words, we will not give up an inch of our land, that’s our inheritance, we will not give up to intimidation that is our home, your actions have murdered peace.”
He said

While urging all of his supporters and APC supporters to stay in camp, Ishaku said security agencies should act quickly by arresting the perpetrators.

“If impunity is not arrested impunity will continue, lawlessness will continue, people will continue to live in a state of anarchy”. He warned

He also claimed that if the PDP does not apologize for the destruction of APC assets, they will be forced to defend themselves.

“I want my supporters to wait until further notice, and I’m calling on the security agencies to live up to their responsibilities by arresting the miscreants who go about the wanton destruction of public assets in a day broad light.” He said

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