VIDEO: Erica Finds Kiddwaya Unfit To Be Her Deputy Head Of House (Video)

“You guys wanna watch p*rn?”
Erica and Kidwaya

Erica has disqualified Kiddwaya's potential, should she become one, to be her deputy head of house.

Due to the rights that come with it, the head of the house is the most significant title one might possibly wish to carry. One gets a whole week of enjoying the executive HOH suite and immunity from the nomination for eviction.

It is not yet Monday but Erica has ruled out choosing Kiddwaya as her Deputy HOH because “it’s too dangerous”


“If I win Head of House (HOH), I don’t know who I’d pick. I know the answer is obvious but it’s too dangerous to pick Kiddwaya.”

Dorathy replied:

“Ordinary garden that both of you are already doing like this. Wonder what will happen.

“Why don’t they have window where we can peep in?”

Erica replied:

“You guys wanna watch p*rn?”

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