Viral Video of sex in UN official car deeply disturbing – Official

UN personnel having sex in a UN vehicle in public
Sex In UN Moving Car

The United Nations ( UN) says it has opened an investigation into a viral video showing a couple allegedly having sex in one of their official Israeli vehicles.

The Secretary-General 's spokesman, Mr Stephane Dujarric, told United Nations correspondents in New York on Friday that the video "shocked and deeply disturbed" the organization.

Dujarric reported that the video featured a 4-4 truck with a staff "likely assigned to the UN Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO).

The brief video shows a woman straddling a man in a red dress in the back seat of the white SUV, bearing the inscription "UN."

Between them the pilot and a bald-head man sitting in front of the passenger side are in the moving car.

Media reports say the footage was filmed on HaYarkon Lane, a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv, Israel's capital, although the UN said it had not checked its authenticity.

Dujarric said:

“We are shocked and deeply disturbed by what is seen on the video.

“The behaviour seen in it is abhorrent and goes against everything that we stand for and have been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by UN staff.

“We became aware of the video a little bit more than two days ago and our colleagues in the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) were immediately activated.

“Their investigation I know is moving very quickly. We know the location of the incident and the identification of individuals in the video, who are likely assigned to the UNTSO, is close to being completed.

“As part of the UN’s commitment to transparency, the UN will provide updates on the conclusion of the investigation, and any further action.”

UNTSO, headquartered in Jerusalem, is the first ever peacekeeping mission established by the United Nations in 1948, according to the organisation.

It states that the mission involves military observers observing ceasefires, overseeing armistice negotiations and avoiding military escalation.

UNTSO said in a statement that it is committed to the zero-tolerance policy of the UN against any kind of misconduct, including sexual exploitation and abuse.

It reminded its employees of their responsibilities under United Nations Code of Conduct.

The BBC cited Ms Heather Barr, Co-Director of Human Rights Watch's Women's Rights Division, as saying the video did not come as a shock to her.

#INTERNATIONAL_SCANDAL:🔴🔴🔴🔴This is what the UN has become. These are the people sent as representatives to decide on issues affecting the lives of millions of people around the entire world. UN personnel having sex in a UN vehicle in public. The UN has become the power house of scandals and public DISGRACE. What a shame.The UN could be worst than the League of Nations.Jeniffer DK!

Posted by Jeniffer DK on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Barr, who had served for the UN in Burundi and Afghanistan according to the news source, said the UN had a bigger problem than the video.

“That problem is about allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by staff members of the UN,’’ she told the medium.

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