We must forgive those killing us, Rev Kaigama urges Christians

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama

Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, urged Nigerians living in troubled zones on Sunday to forgive those behind their ordeal.

The preacher, who made the call while delivering his homily at the Holy Cross Parish in Apo, Abuja, said there was no limit to forgiveness.

Forgiveness was, according to him, crucial in facilitating speedy social cohesion, reconciliation, and growth in the areas affected.

Kaigama urged Christians to stop counting, as true adherents of Christ, the number of times they forgive and desist from the practice of retributive justice.

He said:

“Forgiveness takes various forms: the forgiveness an individual receives from God; the forgiveness one offers to another, the forgiveness I receive from another person; the forgiveness a group offers to another group, which is what we badly need in various parts of Nigeria today experiencing violence and conflicts, leading to the wasting of human lives and resources.

“Whole-hearted forgiveness by all is what will heal Nigerians and speed up our social integration and progress. Some of us make the mistake that they have not offended anyone and so they have no need of forgiveness.

“You have to remember that sometimes your presence, your disposition, your body language, your talents, the way you speak or do your work which you consider normal, offend and upset others and generate unhealthy anger or even deep-seated jealousy for inexplicable reasons. The solution is: offer forgiveness and beg for forgiveness.

“We should pray for the grace to forgive no matter how hurt or bitter we may feel. We must also pray that God will give those who feel offended because of our not deliberate actions, acts of omissions and commissions, to know that we mean no harm to them so that they can liberate themselves of the feelings of bitterness and prejudice against us. Many around us go about imagining that some people are their enemies, and they invoke ‘Holy Ghost fire’ to burn and consume such enemies.”