Who Got It Wrong Between APC Chieftan and Fintiri's Media Aide, Tukur?

Dr. Umar Duhu (Left), Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (Right)

With 24 hours there has been through of word punches between the opposition parties in the State. Dr. Umar Duhu a chieftan of the All Progressive Party in Adamawa and the Aides of the Current Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri over the Distribution of Pallatives disbursed by the Federal Government to Adamawa State for distribution to the less privilaged whhich was tagged as the "the poor households".

Follow the rejoinders below:


Mr Tukur, be reminded, I do not need politics to state the obvious no matter whose ox is gr.

I do not need any favours from your government to desire attention attraction.

President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR had provided palliatives for Nigerians and Adamawa State inclusive but, you played politics with it.

Your government is one centred on chauvinistic bigotry and is all in the public domain and reserve all rights judge and give a definitive stance.

I am disappointed for your bellow the belt rejoinder anchored by your principal as it falls short to address the substance rather my personality and I regret to reply cept for your attempt to distort the facts.

Though I was never a part of the Government of Governor Bindow, as APC Government, a party I Pioneered its Leadership in the North East, he stood very taller to merit my defence and that of all well-meaning Leaders in the State. Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla had performed excellently in all developmental strides above your so-called toxic air government which has nothing to show 11 months on. I am not surprised you don't feel the pulse of the Good people Adamawa State to aggregate your government?

It is also on records that, you are a product of the court. You did not win the 2019 elections at polls but, got it through a caput with some of our members, who must be regretting today and some of the agencies who enthroned you against the will of the people of Adamawa State.

Take note also, Governor Jibrilla did not leave a debt log for Adamawa State 4 years in Office compared to your principal 11 months on. We have cogent and verifiable documents to substantiate this.

Anyways, if you are dissatisfied with my submission, you know the right thing to do. I further adopt fully my earlier submissions.

Umar Duhu


Please Stop Misleading our People, Mr Umar Duhu. It is disheartening to note a purported misleading and mischievous publication written by Umar Duhu regarding palliatives addressing the National Assembly and Chairman Presidential Taskforce to take action against our amiable Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

Mr Umar Duhu, you have to note that we don't join issues with political attention seekers like you, that's why we decline to respond to your various erratic and eccentric comments about this government. This is because we are focused to deliver our promises and cannot allow disgruntled and frustrated politician to distract our attention.

Since the issue of COVID-19 pandemic that threaten the mankind came into this country followed by declaration of lockdown in Adamawa by the government, the federal government has not sent any 50 trailers of 600 bags of rice to Adamawa as purportedly mentioned by Umar Duhu. It was the sole effort of Governor Fintiri who has his people at heart directed ADSEMA to distributes palliatives to the most vulnerable in Adamawa.

Subsequently ADSEMA followed the Governor's directive and distributed palliatives drawned from its store to each of the 21 local governments in the presence of representatives of each local government. The Items distributed included 3,948 bags of 50KG rice, 4,545 jerrycans of 25L vegetable oil, 135 bags of 50KG sugar, 21 cartons of Couscous, 21 bags of 50KG Beans and 1, 530 cartons of Tomatoes Paste.

As such, Mr. Duhu please where did you get your information? what are your facts?  from what source? ministry of Humanitarian Affairs or NEMA that have the responsibility of sharing federal government palliatives? Umar Duhu you could help us and ask the SGF, any person or agent who the federal government contracted to deliver ours because, we are in eager need of such palliatives to assist our people.

For your information, this government has already wiped out all the rooted nepotism, selfishness and greediness planted by your APC led government in Adamawa. Mr Umar Duhu, you don't have shame to accuse Fresh Air government of being favouring stakeholders and elites at the detriment of the masses which has become the order of the day during your stewardship in Adamawa.

You are false, Mr Umar Duhu to say that we run government with interest and favouritism. Under our watch all people and local governments have equal share of dividends of democracy. This is where we are different with you. Devoid of political consideration, we grants local government full financial autonomy, we pay salary as at when due, we give free education, free WAEC, NECO, we build roads across 21 local governments, we pay pension and gratuity, we provide water and electricity among others.

By the way, who is Umar Duhu? a political attention seeker, somebody who created divide and rule in APC. I challenge you Mr Umar Duhu give us name of any polling unit you've delivered from your local government since you started politics? Where were you when the immediate past administration plunged this state into a debt burden amounting to over 100 billions, where were your when the government siphoned local government funds and turned local council Secretariats into less useful. Where were you when your government suffered our people? You couldn't talk until now.

Reminder! no element of distraction will deter us from giving our people the best of governance. Governor Fintiri means business and noting else.

Muhammad B. Tukur Gcfr
SSA New Media to the Governor
11th  April 2020

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