Why the AMVCA might need to revisit its vision statement ASAP

Why the AMVCA might need to revisit its vision statement ASAP

The just-concluded 7th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards was not without its fair share of controversy as it was and is still being expectedly trailed by online reactions of satisfied winners, disgruntled losers and their supporters.

In spite of the cacophony of opinions that have littered media space, the caw of rational arguments has managed to stand out.

At the very apex is, of course, the unwavering view that either the AMVCA is in dire need of a Razzies award variant or an immediate restructuring of its vision statement.

Every year, except its silent 2019, the award ceremony has exalted the red carpet over its plaque. The recent inclusion of the Best Dressed category ultimately bridged the gap. As things stand, we might as well refer to the award as the Africa Magic Fashion Choice Awards.

While the AMVCA might be on the list of impactful film awards in Africa in terms of it being the most televised, understanding what should be celebrated is conspicuously absent from its modus operandi. I mean, how else do you explain turning crucial categories to popularity contests?

AMVCA's process of awarding Best Actor/Actress is laughable at best. For the AMVCA, these coveted categories are insignificant and as such, require the expertise of a bunch of star-struck fans. Let that sink in. The fate of African film industries’ best actor and actress in the hands of people (commissioned or otherwise) without an understanding of the craft.

Then there's the question of transparency. Even the most transparent awards have at some point has been accused of nepotism. You will imagine that with the AMVCA’s 7 years of existence, that it would have made an intentional the effort to guarantee that valuable information regarding its award nomination and winning criteria are more than mere words passed on from one generation to the next.

Apparently, our knack for celebrating all things mediocre as long as it fits personal agendas has permeated the industry's reception of the AMVCA. The people who ought to be screaming at the top of their lungs have become observers and the oftentimes undeserving winners? Silent of course!

Further down the line of unfortunateness is the fact that the award organizers might not even be ready to ascertain what it wants to stand for. After all, celebrities are sated and sponsor more than willing to invest more cash.

Perhaps, we might need some international interference. One or more to knock us out of our reverie. Until then, we have no choice but to settle for the fashion show excuse for a film award.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

Why the AMVCA might need to revisit its vision statement ASAP