Zulum Appoints Female Hunter Of Boko Haram, Aisha Gombi As His Special Assistant

Boko Haram know me and dread me”. She said
Aisha Bakari Gombi, Queen Hunter and nemesis of Boko Haram fighters.

Popular female hunter, Aisha Gombi who Led Several successful Operations that reclaimed many Local Governments from Boko Haram has been appointed as a Special Assistant by the Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum.

Bakari Gombi grew up close to the Sambisa backwoods, where the radicals work regardless of a military hostile a year ago that pulverized a considerable lot of their significant camps. She used to chase elands, monkeys, and guinea fowl with her granddad. Aisha’s chasing abilities intrigued her dad so much that he gave her his chasing rifle.

Boko Haram know me and dread me”. She said

At the point when the warriors assaulted Aisha’s town, she quit any pretense of being a sewer, sold her sewing machine, and purchased an all the more remarkable rifle.

Presently she chases Boko Haram.

The warriors were pursued out by the trackers who drove the military attack against them. They were hailed as saints, and as one of the not many ladies among them, Aisha went into fables. Regular citizens started to call her and request help with liberating their friends and family from Boko Haram bondage.

There are a huge number of trackers in the district who have been enrolled by the military on a specially appointed premise. In any case, Bakari Gombi is one of just a small bunch of ladies included and she has become a courageous woman for trackers and nearby individuals the same. Her bravery has won her the title “sovereign tracker”.

The main salvage mission in Daggu fizzled “because Boko Haram was vigorously outfitted. Be that as it may, we saw where [the girls] are being held,” Bakari Gombi clarifies the following morning. “We could free them if the military would give us better weapons,” she adds, looking at the twofold barrel shotgun on her lap.

In the same way as others in the country areas of north-east Nigeria, Bakari Gombi is Muslim yet also puts stock in customary spirits.

Aisha utilizes the occasion to show more youthful trackers on how to distinguish therapeutic plants. One of her ceremonies is to drench individual trackers with a mystery mixture to shield them from slugs. Others assist them with stifling craving and thirst so they can remain in the hedge for significant stretches.

The trackers realize the contenders’ concealing spots in the woodlands and mountains better than most government officers.

The 38-year-old leads an order of men matured 15-30 who impart utilizing gesture-based communication, creature sounds, and even birdsong.

“Boko Haram know me and dread me,” says Bakari Gombi whose band of trackers has safeguarded several men, ladies, and kids.

The Nigerian armed force started selecting ladies in 2011, and, while the numbers stay low cross country, in this locale a few ladies have exceptionally close to home purposes behind joining the counterinsurgency. One of those is Hamsat Hassan, whose sister was seized by Boko Haram two years back. She has not been seen since.

she says. Hassan’s grandparents take care of her seven youngsters so she is accessible to chase at whatever point her administrations are approached.

While the vast majority of the gathering are volunteers who shuffle their responsibilities with different positions, Bakari Gombi and Hassan are among the 228 male and female trackers who were selected on a more proper premise a year ago by a nearby government official.